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Amazon Alexa update make it possible to act based on inspiration

Amazon Alexa update make it possible to act based on inspiration, for example, turn off the lights in the house as you often use to do
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Amazon Alexa update offer by acting on the basis of an inspiration, Amazon Alexa can, for example, already turn off the lights in the house. That inspiration is based on the pattern with which the voice assistant is familiar. That does not happen just like that and must have happened much more often at specific times.

Amazon Alexa update in the US

The American voice assistant has been able to notice and ask about habits since 2018, but it used to be the case that Amazon Alexa first asked for permission before adjusting anything in the house. Thus, when US users download this update, they will skip the consent request step. If you go to bed around the same time every day, Alexa will lower the thermostat just before that moment, for example.

Such aspects make a voice assistant very interesting, of course, since they think along with you at that moment. Nevertheless, it remains important that you keep control over what does and does not happen in the house and to what extent this is automated. In a support article Amazon explains that you can determine which actions Amazon Alexa can take and which not. So it seems that you can also block certain hunches in advance.

This isn’t the only update US users are receiving right now. Amazon is also rolling out the Guard Plus subscription. This service can notify you of strange noises in the house when Amazon Alexa has picked it up. Alexa can then ask if she should contact someone who will call in emergency services on your behalf. The Guard Plus plan costs $ 4.99 per month.

In addition, an energy dashboard is now available. This dashboard monitors how much energy supporting devices consume. There is a complete list with products available that support this. Manufacturers must build in support for this. The company has announced that the three updates mentioned above will be rolled out to everyone in the United States from today.

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