Amazon Alexa share songs with friends’ Echo devices

Amazon Alexa has offered a fun function that Amazon Alexa share songs with friends' Echo devices if you want to

Amazon Alexa has been given a fun function. Sometimes you hear a good song that you want to share with your friends right away. If you and your friends have an Echo speaker in the house, you can do it as Amazon Alexa share songs via echo devices.

Amazon Alexa Share songs quickly

Amazon is working on it rolling out a music sharing function for Alexa. Users can then very quickly share songs with Alexa contacts, through various Echo devices or the Alexa app. Did you find a song? Then you can ask Amazon Alexa to share the number with a contact. That person can then choose to play the song. A response can also be given.

You don’t necessarily have to do this Amazon Music necessary for. Also, your friends or family members to whom you send the song don’t have to use the same music streaming service as you. Alexa will try to find out on which service you can best listen to the song. If there is no match, you will still see the necessary information, so that you can look up the number yourself.

You activate the function under Alexa Communications (for the people among us who use the voice assistant). If you are not sure who can receive a number, start a new conversation. Then you see who is available.

Amazon adds that this is just the beginning of new Amazon Alexa sharing features. With this, the company hints at new functions, about which nothing has been announced yet.

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