Amazon Alexa can answer Ring video doorbell

Ring known for its doorbells and security devices collaborates with Alexa. This Ring and Alexa combination makes the doorbells more attractive

Ring and Alexa combines

If someone rings at your door soon, you can set it so that it is not you that answers the bell, but Alexa. At least if you have a Ring doorbell. This is the first time that Amazon’s smart voice assistant has collaborated with Ring’s doorbells.

Ring and Alexa

For example, Alexa asks in a friendly manner what someone is coming to do and whether that person would like to leave a message. Some sort of routine can also be enabled for mail deliverers, where Alexa can tell where the mailman can leave the mail.

Alexa unfortunately does not work with all Ring doorbells, but only on the Ring Video Doorbell Pro. If you prefer to give someone a standard answer yourself, you can also record it yourself. You can leave a kind of message as if it were a voicemail: “I’ll be home in a minute, can you put the package in my shed?” for example.

You still get a notification on your phone when someone rings the doorbell, so you can see who is at the door via Live View. This way you can also hear what that person answers to Alexa, or to you.


There is also another new option coming to Ring, but then to wired doorbells and security cameras: they will soon be able to issue a warning. As a result, people at the door know that they are being filmed. This happens before someone has pressed the bell: based on movement, the Ring immediately issues that warning when filming.

Both options only work with a Ring Protect subscription. It is still unknown when the functions will come exactly to the doorbells and cameras.

It is positive news from Ring, which was in the news in December as hackers appear to be harassing residents. Also, crime does not appear to be decreasing with Ring devices that use a direct connection have with the police. While Ring mainly wants to show that it offers more security, it is still often used to talk to people from a distance.