Allnic Audio H5500 PhonoStage launched and is ready for sale

Kang Su Park has informed us that Allnic's new phono preamplifier, the Allnic Audio H5500, is ready to go offering dual MC and MM inputs.

In a year of isolation, Allnic Audio has been busier than ever, not only fulfilling a singularly high excess order, but also increasing its R&D and spending more time developing new products. As a result, Kang Su Park has informed us that Allnic’s new phono preamplifier, the Allnic Audio H5500, is ready to go.

The entry-level H5500 phono preamp replaces the H1201 with a number of significant improvements. First of all, it has an all-aluminum chassis. The taller, stockier front end of its predecessor has changed and now we have a wider, smarter and more serious look, more in keeping with its bigger brothers and the new flagship OTL / OCL preamps.

Allnic Audio H5500

Like all Allnic Audio products, the H5500 uses Permalloy (iron nickel alloy) for its transformer cores. It also employs four E180CC triode NOS valves from the early days of computing, a very robust and robust option that just can’t be beat. Like the 1202, this new preamp also uses a 7233 and 5654 voltage regulator valve for voltage correction in a far superior tube power supply.

Allnic Audio H5500

Offers a pure Class A design with no negative feedback offering 278 Ω, 117 Ω, 69 Ω and 29 Ω load settings, selectable from chassis mounted rotary potentiometers, each of which is linked to a gain factor specific. The soft start function, a convenient mute switch, and unbalanced input / output connectivity at the rear round out the specs.

The functionality has also been improved over the previous model. The H5500 offers users dual MC and MM inputs, so up to four pods can be accommodated at a time.