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Alexa Custom Assistant : Companies can create their own Alexa variant

Alexa Custom Assistant : organizations can create their own voice assistant now while using Alexa Custom Assistant with the help of Amazon.
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Alexa Custom Assistant:  By making the software behind the voice assistants available, organizations can create their own voice assistant. For example, companies can use their own voice and add company-specific commands. The assistant is therefore not called Alexa, because it is only built on the Alexa software. He can communicate with Alexa.

Alexa Custom Assistant

As a result, companies do not have to invent the wheel themselves, because they can immediately use what Amazon has already figured out for its own Alexa. For example, it is a good option for automakers or companies developing a specific smart speaker, because then they do not have to waste research costs on exploring speech recognition possibilities.

The first company to build its own voice assistant on Amazon’s software is Fiat Chrysler. The cars it makes for the American market now get their own Alexa in the Uconnect system. It is unknown when the cars will come off the line that actually have that implementation.

Other languages

It’s not universal: you can’t create a voice assistant based on Alexa in all languages. It is also not available in all countries. Alexa has been around since 2014 and was initially developed to get people to make more purchases on Amazon. Certainly because the assistant is integrated in many smart speakers, it is now used for many more things.


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