AirThings View Plus announced: more insight into indoor air quality

Recently, AirThings View Plus announced. It will give you more insight regarding temperature and carbon level in the room.

The Airthings View Plus works on batteries, can be connected to WiFi and contains sensors for particulate matter (PM), carbon dioxide (CO2), radon and more. It offers a customizable display for easy display of found values.

This is the Airthings View Plus

The View Plus is available in two versions: one for consumers and one for public buildings and offices. Both versions enable you to gain insight into your indoor air quality. You can make improvements based on the (new) insights. The product should help create healthy, productive and energy-efficient indoor spaces, be it a school, office or restaurant.

The Airthings View Plus monitors for PM, radon, CO2, humidity, chemicals in the air (VOC), temperature, air pressure and the quality of the outside air, providing an overview of the air quality. This is done in a way that is easy for everyone to understand. The View Plus for Business also includes a light and sound sensor, occupancy data and the Virus Risk Indicator.

PM detection is a new addition to the Airthings range and provides insight into the indoor air quality, both at home and at work. The term ‘fine dust’ stands for microscopic particles in the air, which can include everything from dust and pollen to pollutants released by exhaust fumes, industrial activities, wood burning stoves, smoke from forest fires, cooking, cigarette smoke and pets.

Although invisible to the naked eye, the impact of PM on your health can be huge. PM can irritate the lungs, worsen pre-existing conditions such as asthma and even contribute to serious illnesses such as cardiovascular disease. The View Plus has a built-in particle sensor that can detect particles smaller than 2.5 microns (PM2.5) and 1 micron (PM1). The system can also warn you about changes in the sky. With those insights you may be able to take action and do something about the air quality in your home.

The Airthings View Plus shows relevant data based on location. The solution also provides customization options for those who want to prioritize the air quality data that is most important to them. Whether it is PM, radon, CO2, humidity or something else. To quickly and easily gain insight into the air quality, blow your hand in front of the device. The View Plus then displays the status of the indoor air quality with the colors green, orange and red.

You can log in to the Airthings dashboard for more detailed air quality insights or open the Airthings app for a quick and easy overview of their air quality levels.

The View Plus is wireless and Wi-Fi connected and therefore offers access to data anytime, anywhere, with a battery life of two years. The View Plus can also be easily integrated into the smart home system using IFTTT, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. In addition, the View Plus has a built-in Hub function, so you can expand the system and bring other Airthings devices online.

The View Plus for Business connects to the Airthings for Business solution via SmartLink using the Airthings Hub, which means that the battery lasts about four years.

Price and availability

The View Plus from Airthings is available for pre-order on for consumers starting today and costs 299 euros. There is a special discount of 10 percent for orders placed before the end of March 2021. Delivery to consumers will start in June 2021.