AirPods Max launched: over-ear headphones with anc on board

Apple has officially presented the AirPods Max with the adaptive equalizer, transparent mode, audio parts and spatial sound.
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AirPods Max with active noise canceling

After months of rumors, the bullet is through the church: Apple has officially presented the AirPods Max. These are over-ear headphones with active noise canceling (ANC) on board. The monster has a price tag of no less than 629 euros (!) And can now be ordered on the company’s website. Delivery will start from December 15th. The Max headphones are available in five colors namely gray, silver, pink, blue and green. The headphones have two 40mm drivers, the adaptive equalizer, transparent mode, audio parts and spatial sound.

It is striking that the Apple AirPods Max is equipped with an Apple Watch element, namely the digital crown. With the crown you can control the volume, but also pause and play songs, skip tracks, activate Siri and answer and end phone calls. There is also a separate button with which you can set the active noise canceling. For example, you can choose between that mode, so that ambient sounds are filtered, or the transparent mode, so that ambient sounds are still audible.

The headband is made in such a way that the weight is evenly distributed and the pressure is minimized. The stainless steel frame offers the strength, comfort and flexibility you would expect from headphones. In addition, you can of course adjust the frame, so that the AirPods Max is hopefully good. The ear cushions can also be partially rotated. And when you combine that with the further flexible character of the Max, it should provide extra comfort. In that respect, these headphones are not much different than similar, cheaper products.

The AirPods Max offers a battery life of twenty hours and is charged via a USB-C cable. You connect the headphones wirelessly, but you can also buy a separate audio plug, if you want. In addition, there is a system that pauses the music when you take off the headphones. The music will continue when you put it back on. Here too it is true that this is not necessarily super-revolutionary. For example, we previously tested the Huawei FreeBuds Studio, which also does that, just to give one recent example. There are many more headphones.

The active noise canceling uses six microphones on the outside. In addition, there are two microphones on the inside that help with filtering. The headphones are also able to quickly switch between a paired iPhone, Mac and iPad. This way you don’t have to constantly reconnect the over-ear headphone.

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