Air Tight ATM-2211: Mono amplifier – single-ended tube

Air Tight ATM-2211: Mono amplifier - single-ended tube has been launched with the price tag of 32,000 euros.

Are you looking for a special and exclusive sound experience? Then the new mono power amplifiers from Air Tight could be a suitable choice. They go by the name ATM-2211 and are the official successors of the legendary ATM-211 monos that have been manufactured in Osaka, Japan, for 20 years.

Air tight ATM-2211: technical details

This single-ended tube monoblock, weighing 25.5 kilograms, does some things differently than its fellow guilds. For example, the full negative feedback (negative feedback) from the secondary side of the output transformer is not used – a large part of the feedback is fed in from the plate of the large 211 tube via the first amplifier stage of the 12AX7. This should result in a much better audibility and bass control compared to the previous model.

Clear lines and a beautifully flared 211 tube: the new Air Tight Amp looks great

That could also be measured, according to Axiss Europe, the sales force responsible for Germany: The damping factor of the Air Tight ATM-2211 is now three and a half times higher than that of the ATM-211. In the course of the circuit revision, various components were exchanged or optimized – as a result, among other things, a higher output power of 32 watts per channel is declared. From the factory there is a loudspeaker tap for 4 and 8 ohms impedance, a 16-ohm version is also available on request.

According to the manufacturer, high and low voltage levels are equipped with their own power supplies; the choke coil is wound manually and finally wrapped in oil paper. The power transformer of the Air Tight ATM-2211 is also wrapped in oil paper and is manufactured in-house at Air Tight.

Oh yes: A preamplifier is not absolutely necessary – it is an adjustable output stage with one cinch and one XLR input each.

Price per pair Air Tight ATM-2211: 32,000 euros