The Agony Trophies are less frightening than the game itself

The Agony Trophies are less frightening than the game itself: as new footage is not going well in the game.
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As of today, the new horror game the Agony trophies is in stores and if you’ve watched the footage in the past few weeks, you know it’s not going well in the game. Now that the game is available, the Trophies are known and where the game itself is very frightening, that is not so bad with the Trophies.

The list below does not look too complicated, but you may have to play the game several times. continue to play. Do you want to enter the game without any prior knowledge? Then we advise you to skip the list below. Later this week we hope to tell you more about the title.

The Agony Trophies – Platinum

  • Unforgettable journey – Unlock all trophies

The Agony Trophies – Gold

  • Pull it out! – Succubus ending
  • I was born to rule! – Nimrod ending
  • Good and Evil – Evil and Evil
  • Your soul is mine! – Baphomet ending
  • Lara would be proud! – Find all secret rooms


  • She looks good in red – Find 2 red chambers
  • The richest man in hell – Find 4 gold chambers
  • I have a beautiful soul! – Max out every skill
  • You look just like your father – Unlock all letters and notes
  • The great painter – Unlock all paintings
  • What have I done? – Unlock all comic pages
  • Let me see you – Unlock all characters in 3D viewer
  • I found a job! – Unlock madman ending
  • I am enlightened – Unlock everything in gallery


  • Wait for me my Goddess! – Finish level 1
  • Pact with the devil – Finish level 2
  • To the sunset! – Finish level 3
  • Never ending Agony – Finish level 4
  • Survivor – Survive a level in Agony Mode
  • I’m thirsty! – Possess an onoskelis
  • The force is with me – Possess a chort
  • I’m on fire! But I like it. – Possess an ifrit
  • Ice Age – Find a peanut in the frozen caves
  • Nice try – Try to push an onoskelis to the pit
  • Demon slayer – Push and kill an onoskelis
  • Did I just bore him ? – Survive Baphomet bossfight
  • There is always something bigger – Kill an enormous chort
  • Where are you, pet? – Finish level 1 as a succubus
  • This time, I will use the elevator – Finish level 2 as a succubus
  • Finally, a bath! – Finish level 3 as a succubus
  • What a beautiful taste! – Finish level 4 as a succubus
  • Can I lick it? – Use a finisher on an askelis as a succubus
  • Heartbreaker – Kill a chort as a succubus
  • The Scarlet Woman – Normal ending