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Affordable smart home products for your wish list up to 50 euros

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Are you busy with your wish list for the holidays? Then consider smart home products. We list affordable smart home products up to 50 euros for you.

The holidays are coming again. High time to submit your wish list. Have you chosen to draw lots this year? Or do you just want to surprise someone with a nice gift? You may not immediately think of smarthome products for your wish list. A video doorbell or a security system are simply too expensive for that. Fortunately, there are also plenty of cheap gifts in the shops. Which affordable smarthome products are ideal for your wish list?

December is always an expensive month. We unpack en masse with gifts, go out for dinner or prepare a big feast at home. In order not to let the month become even more expensive, it is high time to look at cheap smarthome products. Whether you are new to the world of smarthome or you want to further expand your smarthome, you are always in the right place with the following products. We deliberately use a maximum price of 50 euros and also look at very cheap gifts for your wish list.

Google Nest Mini

Whether you already have one or more smart speakers at home or nothing at all. Everyone can get acquainted with this smart speaker with Dutch-speaking Google Assistant at an affordable price. During the current Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday you can buy the Google Nest Mini for 33 euros. This small smart speaker is a nice extension for any smart home, but even if you have no further smarthome products at all, you can use this small powerhouse for listening to music or for answers to all your questions. Compared to the Google Home Mini , the sound on this new version has been greatly improved and you can now easily hang the small speaker on the wall with the built-in wall mount. Want to know more about this smart speaker? Read our review of the Google Nest Mini .

LSC Smart Connect of the Action

Retail chain Action has made smart home affordable with the LSC Smart Connect series. In this series you will find various types of smart LED lamps, filament LED lamps, smart plugs, motion sensors and LED strips. Prices start at 7.95 euros for a smart color lamp and whatever product you choose, no product is more expensive than 20 euros. You do not need a hub, but connect the smart lamps directly to your WiFi network. And the nice thing is that you can also easily control the products with your voice via the above Google Nest Mini. Also read our review of LSC Smart Connect .

TP-Link Wifi Smart Plug HS100

The smart plug from TP-Link is available between 20 and 25 euros and allows you to switch devices on and off remotely. The TP-Link Wifi Smart Plug HS100 is also ideal for controlling the lights in the Christmas tree. If you also connect this smart plug to Google Home, you can simply switch the Christmas lights on and off with your voice. The TP-Link WIfi Smart Plug HS100 is also a godsend for other devices. With this you can turn almost any ‘dumb’ device into a smart device. Also read our review of the TP-Link Smart Plug .

Amazon Echo Dot 3

The Amazon Echo Dot 3 is the counterpart of the Google Nest Mini. You do not have a Dutch Google Assistant at your disposal, but the English or German version of Amazon’s smart assistant Alexa. Unfortunately, Amazon’s smart assistant doesn’t speak Dutch yet. However, you can control a lot of smart home products via Alexa and for a price of 24.99 euros during Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday, it is very interesting to try out another smart speaker and put it on your wish list. You buy the Echo Dot 3 via the Amazon website. Read the detailed review of Amazon Echo Dot 3 here.

EZVIZ C2C Mini O Security camera

Do you want to make your home more secure? For 29.99 euros you can purchase the EZVIZ C2C Mini O security camera. You can easily place this small security camera in your home thanks to the magnetic holder. The camera films in 720p and the accompanying app can be downloaded for iOS and Android. The camera is also equipped with a motion sensor, two-way communication and supports micro-SD cards for storage.

Filament LED lamp

The old light bulb is back with a new look. These lamps are ideal to bring more atmosphere into your home during the holidays. Various manufacturers have recently been releasing smart filament lamps. The Dutch company Innr has released two filament lamps with E27 fitting, the RF 263 and the RF 265. This new smart lamp allows you to save up to 80 percent in electricity compared to a conventional incandescent lamp. The lamps work via the ZigBee protocol and can therefore also be used in combination with the Philips Hue Bridge. An Innr filament lamp is already available from 12.99 euros. Also read our review of the Innr filament lamps .

IKEA has also included a smart filament LED lamp in its range. The IKEA TRÅDFRI E27 250 lumens can be dimmed wirelessly and has the look of an old bulb with filament. This immediately brings more atmosphere into your home. Of course you can add this lamp to the IKEA Home Smart app and operate it with your favorite voice assistant. You can buy the IKEA TRÅDFRI filament LED lamp for 12.95 euros from the Swedish furniture giant. Read detailed review of the IKEA TRÅDFRI lights.



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