Advance Paris X-P1200: double mono preamplifier with DAC

Advance Paris X-P1200: double mono preamplifier with DAC is equipped with 9 analog inputs including 2 balanced XLR inputs

Once again, the manufacturer Advance Paris is sending a device that is endowed with great connectivity into the race: the new X-P1200 pre-amplifier with DAC.

Advance Paris X-P1200 – details

Advance Paris points out that it is a thoroughbred and consistent double mono construction. This is also underlined by the fact that both channel branches are equipped with separate toroidal transformers for power supply.

An Analog Devices AD1955 is used as the converter chip, which can process PCM signals with up to 192 kHz / 24 bit and whose multi-bit sigma-delta modulator also enables SACD playback.

Advance Paris X-P1200: rear panel and connector panel

The digital section has two optical and two coaxial inputs as well as a USB-B port for direct connection to a computer. There are also two phono inputs (MM and MC) and seven further analog high-level inputs, two of which are symmetrical (XLR). On the output side, the preamplifier offers an XLR and cinch interface. Advance Paris recommends pairing with the in-house X-A1200 power amplifiers, of course any other power amplifier can also be used.

Paris X-P1200 price: 3,500 euros