Introducing Advance Paris HDT800 Bluetooth transmitter

The manufacturer Advance Paris introduced the Paris HDT800 Bluetooth transmitter, a new "radio transmitter".

The manufacturer Advance Paris, which is part of the Quadral portfolio based in Hanover, is introducing the Paris HDT800 Bluetooth transmitter, a new “radio transmitter” that can be used to transmit music or film sound via Bluetooth. In this way, wired components can actually be conveniently integrated into wireless setups.

Advance Paris HDT800 Bluetooth Transmitter: Specs & Details

The compact transmitter can be supplied digitally (Toslink, S / PDIF coaxial) or analog (3.5 mm stereo jack socket) from the source device – and then sends the signal via Bluetooth, for example to Bluetooth headphones, but also to others Devices in which a Bluetooth receiver is integrated. Two Bluetooth receivers can be controlled at the same time, so that, to name just two examples, it is possible to feed one headphone and one Bluetooth streamer at the same time – or two different headphones.

Compact & competent: the Bluetooth transmitter Advance Paris HDT800

Since the Advance Paris HDT800 transmitter works with low latency, according to Quadral, it should also be possible to “send” film sound in this way – without any noticeable time delay between sound and image.

The transmitter masters the standards aptX and aptX-HD (AAC and SBC of course as well), so that sampling rates of 48 kHz and sampling depths of up to 24 bits can be digested, although the actual bit rate is naturally limited to 576 kbit / s. All of this takes place under the motto “Plug and Play”, as the Advance Paris transmitter comes with three cable connections from the factory: a Toslink cable, a 3.5mm jack cable and an adapter cable of 3.5mm Stereo jack to stereo cinch.

Price Advance Paris HDT800 Bluetooth transmitter: 129 euros