Active box Abacus Mirra 15 – three-way monitor

Active box Abacus Mirra 15 - three-way monitor. The Abacus Mirra 15 is expected to be available from December 2021

In January of this year we reported on the Abacus studio monitor Mirra 14, whose stated objective includes an embarrassingly linear frequency response between around 30 and 20,000 Hertz with a maximum of +/- 1 dB deviation. As can often be seen in the recording studio, the Mirra 14 is a “lying” loudspeaker – The newest litter from Lower Saxony has another favorite position: the Abacus Mirra 15.

Abacus Mirra 15 – technology and concept

Because not only in the studio, but also for domestic enjoyment, many people turned to the Mirra 14. The desire for “particularly neutral and mercilessly realistic music reproduction”, as Abacus put it, was ultimately to be found there as well. But since an “upright” design is usually better at home and this is also suitable for some studio listening situations, the Nordenhamers have set about putting on a “vertical 14” – namely the 15.

The tried and tested ingredients have been given a new shape with the Abacus Mirra 15. The technical equipment includes, among other things: a tweeter with a 30 mm fabric dome, a cone with a paper fiberglass membrane for the midrange and the bass (with a diameter of 10 or 20 cm), a DSP that distributes the frequency and, optionally, a room acoustics measurement – as well as four Dolifet power amplifiers. Four in three ways? Yes, the woofer is fired by two power amplifier modules in bridge mode. By the way: The Mirra 15 can be controlled analog symmetrically or asymmetrically, there is no digital input.

Abacus Mirra 15 in rear and front view: Textured paint in black-gray or traffic white are available as color versions

Not least because of the slightly changed dimensions and geometry, the Abacus Mirra 15 had to be adjusted a little compared to the 14, but the sound result is largely identical to the horizontal version of the loudspeaker, according to Abacus.

Abacus Mirra 15 with a discount for quick decision-makers

The Abacus Mirra 15 is expected to be available from December 2021. There is a special offer for those who decide quickly: if you order and pay in advance by the end of November 2021, you can get the Mirra 15 with a 10% discount. Until then, the pair price is included 2,511 euros, after that is around 2,790 euros Transfer asked.