PS4 disconnection – According to Sony, the PS4 has reached the final phase of its life cycle

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PS4 disconnection: The PlayStation 4 has been available since the end of 2013, so the console will be available for five years in six months. So slowly it starts to be time to look ahead and the first PlayStation 5 rumors also recently did the round.

PS4 disconnection

Sony rekindled that fire itself by stating that the PlayStation 4 in the last phase of its life cycle has arrived. John Kodera, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, told investors in Tokyo that this is the phase where the PlayStation 4 will sell noticeably less well.

The growth in service use should be able to offset the loss of revenue due to less PS4 sales. receive. In addition, Sony continues to invest heavily in first-party and exclusive games. Furthermore, the focus of many consoles will now shift to keeping players engaged.

That at least until the PlayStation 5 is there and is expected Sony will announce it officially on the E3 of 2019.