Abacus Ampino 20 Dolifet: small amplifier, big entrance

Abacus Ampino 20 Dolifet launches that is a small amplifier with big entrance available in two color while both colors have different prices.

Abacus Ampino 20 Dolifet- We have been using it for years in our daily editorial work, the mini amplifier from Abacus Electronics. Nominally, it does not have excessive power reserves (2 × 50 watts), so the good control it exercises over the speakers and the tonally neutral and musically fluid pace are all the more astonishing. Not for nothing did he have Ampino 15 Dolifet the fairaudio’s favorite award secreted. The speaker terminal, of course, appeared idiosyncratic, as it actually came with spring clips so that adapters were necessary if speaker cables with bananas or fork shoes were to be connected.

Abacus Ampino 20 Dolifet – Concept & Technology

With the freshly launched successor model Abacus Ampino 20 Dolifet is that now changing: There is now a “proper” terminal on the back of the amp for connecting a pair of speakers – speaker strips with the usual terminations now fit without the hassle of adapters. Good this way. Other external changes include a gentle facelift – the ventilation slots are now on the top side – and a new color variant: The Ampino 20 Dolifet is now also available in black for an extra charge (see picture above).

View into the  Ampino 20 Dolifet. The small amp can also be used as an integrated amplifier if there is only one source to be amplified

Of course, the basic concept has remained: The Abacus Ampino 20 Dolifet is a power amplifier or integrated amplifier for minimalists – i.e. with volume control, but only one single high-level input (cinch). The special “Drain Output Load Independent Field Transistor” technology (Dolifet) should be responsible for the particularly good control of the loudspeakers and allow the amplifier circuit to work largely independently of the connected load. In the new model, however, the control of the output stage was designed to be even lower-impedance, according to Abacus, which should result in even more control and bandwidth.

Price of Ampino 20 Dolifet:

  • in silver: 690 euros
  • in black: 740 euros