A Samsung TV for everyone with QLED and QD-OLED (ADV)

This article will highlight the technology improvement by Samsung which make them enable to launch A Samsung TV for everyone with QLED and QD-OLED.

Samsung TV for everyone: Summer is just around the corner and that means that we are all looking for the terraces, beaches and holiday destinations again. But, real relaxation is of course on your own sofa, watching your favorite series or movies, enjoying the best sports matches or concentrated immersed in a game. With a Samsung television you can do all that, in the best quality.

Samsung TV for everyone

Samsung has again brought an extensive range of televisions to the Benelux this year, with a perfect model for every budget and every wish or requirement. Are you going for absolute top quality? Then an 8K model in the Neo QLED line-up is interesting. Do you want the best of OLED? Then the QD-OLED television in the S95B series is recommended. Or do you have a smaller budget but still want to enjoy excellent image quality on a TV full of features? Then the 4K Neo QLED models should be on your wish list. And that’s not all, because those looking for a television that hangs like a work of art on the wall, that you can take with you on vacation or hang in the garden, have also been thought of!

Neo QLED in 4K and 8K

Exceptional contrast and superb clarity

The QLED technology is present on a large number of televisions in Samsung’s range this year, and Samsung has once again managed to improve the technology. The miniLED backlight that Samsung introduced last year under the name Neo QLED received a number of improvements. For starters, it is now possible to control the brightness of the LEDs with 14-bit accuracy, compared to 12-bit last year. More nuances and finer control over the light output. Samsung now also introduces ‘Shape Adaptive Light Technology’, with which the shape of the light beam of the LED can be adjusted. A wider beam in bright objects or a narrower beam in dark ones. This should ensure even less visible ‘blooming’. Of course, miniLED together with QLED ensures a very high brightness, making the televisions extremely suitable for bright rooms. A nice addition for the gamers; the Game Bar has been redesigned with new features and the new Neo QLED models in the QN95B and QN9xB series (43-inch and 50-inch) support 4K at 144Hz for an even sharper gaming experience.

The Samsung Tizen Smart Hub is also present this year, but in a new form. The 2022 models get a new interface, which is completely full screen. Above all, the new Smart Hub should make it easier to navigate our increasingly extensive range of streaming services. Discovering new content should become much easier. You will discover this content on a screen that fits perfectly into contemporary interiors in terms of design. For example, Samsung has introduced the Infinity Screen, where the screen edges have almost disappeared. Visible cables are also a thing of the past with the Attachable One Connect Box, and even the back of the television has been given a unique herringbone pattern. With the Slim Fit Wall Mount, you can place the TV tightly against the wall, so that the space around your TV also remains pleasantly clear. The Neo QLED models come in a variety of sizes, and you can choose from TVs with the 4K resolution and TVs with the high 8K resolution.

(QD) OLED from Samsung

Mesmerizing image in dark rooms

Samsung has both OLED and QLED televisions in its range. The OLED model is the Samsung S95B Series. The unique combination of OLED and quantum dots without a color filter enables very rich and intense basic colors (red, green and blue). This allows the TV to deliver a very large color range, plus a higher brightness than conventional OLED televisions. In addition, QD-OLED offers deep black levels and high contrast, all this can be seen and experienced from every angle and brought together in a slim LaserSlim design.

This Samsung OLED television also has 4K resolution, the Neural Quantum Processor 4K and the updated Tizen Smart Hub. HDR is supported in the form of HDR10, HLG and HDR10+. The latest HDMI standard (HDMI 2.1) is also available and the television has a filter that should prevent reflections. In terms of audio, you have a 60 Watt 2.2.2-channel audio system with support for Dolby Atmos and Q-Symphony. Of course, the gamers have also been thought of, with support for Freesync Premium Pro and 4K at 120 frames per second. In short, a real powerhouse in the field of image and sound.

Samsung The Frame

A work of art on the wall

Would you rather go for a television that completely blends in and fits in perfectly with your interior? Of Samsung The Frame you get a slim television that hangs on the wall like a work of art. With a modern or classic frame you can adjust the appearance to your liking and it is also possible to display works of art from the large Samsung Art-Store collection on TV. In the Art-Store collection you will find 1,600+ works of art from museums such as The Louvre, Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Van Gogh Museum and Prado. In this way, The Frame is actually a painting or photo canvas when no TV is being watched. Nice detail; you can even show NFTs on the screen! However, premium design does not mean that you have to compromise on image quality and features. This television comes with the 4K resolution, the QLED technology, the Samsung Tizen Hub and Object Tracking Sound with Dolby Atmos. The Frame 2022 also has a new screen with anti-reflection film and a matte display film. This film has a light surface texture that diffuses incident light. This way you have even less problems with reflections and fingerprints also remain virtually invisible.

Impressive sound

Impressive image quality also includes impressive sound. Samsung has equipped its QN900B Neo QLED 8K top model with even more speakers, including two upward-firing speakers for a Dolby Atmos effect. This top model delivers 90 watts with its 6.2.4-channel audio system. OTS (Object Tracking Sound) is also getting a very clever extension: ‘Human Tracking Sound’. The processor uses facial recognition to determine where the actors are in the image. Together with the information from the soundtrack and the extensive speaker system, it allows the TV to accurately place the voice in the picture. This handy feature is already available from the Q70B series. Would you rather place a separate soundbar near your television? Then you’re stuck with the Q-Sympony function. This makes perfect cooperation between Samsung soundbars and televisions possible.

Samsung The Freestyle

Portable Smart Projector for Vacation

If you are looking for a little more flexibility and want to watch a movie or sports match on holiday, with friends or in the garden, for example, Samsung has an interesting product with The Freestyle. The Freestyle is a lightweight projector, smart speaker and mood lighting in one.

Flexibility is an important pillar of The Freestyle. You can hang or place it anywhere and then project an image of up to 100 inches on your wall. You don’t even need a power outlet for that, because The Freestyle works with external battery packs that support USB-PD and 60W/20V output or higher.

The large black area on the wall is a thing of the past with The Freestyle. That does not mean that you have to give up in terms of functionality and features. The Freestyle works exactly like a Samsung Smart TV, including access to the popular streaming services and apps. When The Freestyle is not streaming content, it can be used as mood lighting thanks to the ambient mode and translucent lens cap. Finally, The Freestyle also comes with a double passive subwoofer and speakers that should spread the sound in 360 degrees.

Do you want even more clarity and an image up to 130-inch? Then take a look at the Samsung The Premiere projectors.

Samsung The Terrace

A TV in the garden

For those who do not want to leave the garden this summer, there is also an ultimate solution. Samsung has introduced The Terrace. This is a television that has been specially designed to be placed outside, whether it is under your roof or at the outdoor bar. With its IP55 rating, The Terrace is resistant to dust and splash water, can withstand temperatures from -31 to +50 degrees and has a very high brightness so that you can enjoy the match, the series or the film even with a nice sun. . Note that the TV should not be hung in direct sunlight.

As you can see, Samsung has a range of televisions this year in which a television for everyone can be found that perfectly matches the wishes and requirements. Equipped with the latest techniques and standards, innovative features, smart options, progressive design and the best image quality.