64 Audio U6t: In-Ear Monitor with six BA drivers

64 Audio U6t: In-Ear Monitor with six BA drivers with Price 64 Audio U6t: 1,399 euros.

The manufacturer 64 Audio has specialized in high-quality in-ear monitors for stage and studio use. With the new in-ear named U6t, there is now a “little man in the ear” based on the successful A6t model. Unlike the A6t, however, this is not individually anatomically adapted to the wearer’s ear and is therefore also more cost-effective.

64 Audio U6t – details

As the six in the product name suggests, the in-ears are equipped with six balanced amature drivers – per side, mind you. In a compact housing, which, by the way, is milled from a solid aluminum block, there are two woofers and two mid-range speakers, as well as a mid-range tweeter and a dedicated tweeter. The frequency response is given as 10 Hz – 20 kHz, the efficiency with 108 dB / mW and the impedance with 10 ohms at 1 kHz. The frequency allocation to the four different paths is done by a passive crossover.

64 Close-up of Audio U6t

The scope of delivery includes modules and earplugs, which can be used to fine-tune the sound and the attenuation of outside noises.

Price 64 Audio U6t: 1,399 euros