42-inch LG C2 series OLED TV won’t get OLED EX panel

42-inch LG C2 series OLED TV won't get OLED EX panel until later this year. This is According to the British HDTVTest.

42-inch LG C2 series OLED TV won’t get OLED EX panel until later this year: There has been quite a bit of confusion surrounding LG’s new C-series OLED televisions. For example, the message appeared that LG is also releasing a CS series in addition to a C2 series, which is cheaper but has a smaller panel. Today the message appears that the smaller models in the C2 series will initially come with a less panel.

According to the British HDTVTest the current 42-inch C2 series televisions are equipped with a conventional OLED panel, also called WBC. And they should know since they already have such a potential in the test room. This is striking, however, since LG indicated at launch that all C2-series televisions would have the new OLED EX panel.

LG has already responded to the situation and indicates that old and new panels have indeed been mixed in the 42-inch variant. According to the South Korean manufacturer, this was inevitable given the current situation in the production chain. LG does promise that from the second quarter of this year, all C2-series televisions (and higher) will have the new OLED EX panel. The only question is when they will reach the stores.

Now the problem for the buyer is not very big. LG indicates that although these models have the OLED EX panel, the Brightness Booster for a higher brightness is not active. So you won’t see a big difference. On the other hand, the new panel offers better energy efficiency, is more durable and allows for thinner screen bezels. Incidentally, LG itself does not use the term OLED EX in marketing. The South Korean manufacturer prefers the term OLED Evo.