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40 years of the Auditorium: HiFi specialist trade – anniversary

Good advice, reliable service even after the purchase and long-term business relationships are the merits of hi-fi retailers. And one of these specialist dealers is currently celebrating its anniversary.

Auditorium – the story

In 1981 Leonhard Schwarte founded in Hamm his first hi-fi shop. The name “Auditorium” – which comes from Latin and, depending on the context, can mean “audience”, but also “audience” or “lecture hall”. The name says it all, because Schwarte not only wanted to offer its customers something to listen to, but also wanted to listen carefully to its customers.

The wild 1990s: At that time, a proper car radio test track was a must in any hi-fi specialist shop

Auditorium 2021

Today, car radios are a thing of the past – and the interior has become much more elegant

That was obviously not a mere advertising promise, because there is still an auditorium in Hamm – and now there are also other branches in Muenster and Hamburg. Sebastian Schwarte, the son of the founder Leonhard Schwarte, has been managing director since 2007.

Of course, the topic focus has also broadened. In addition to classic hi-fi, there is also home cinema and media integration in the program. In addition, workshops, premieres, concerts and events are organized. An on-site celebration will be rescheduled due to the pandemic situation – but there are already various special offers on the auditorium’s website with which the auditorium thanks its long-standing customers.

We congratulate you!


Hamm auditorium
Feidikstrasse 93
59065 Hamm

Phone: +49 (0) 2381 – 9339-0
E-mail: [email protected]
Web: https://www.auditorium.de/

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